Hybrid Cloud Services

The Web3 Enterprise Cloud

BTO is an acronym for Business Technology Optimization.
BTO Group is an advanced Web 3.0 cloud solution provider.

Our firm facilitates the adoption of cloud services by eliminating the integration and operational hurdles associated with cloud migration (service delivery, support, and security). BTO Group provides software, consulting, integration, and maximum security hosting services to the Fortune 1000, healthcare, financial, and energy sectors. We deliver the Web3 Enterprise to clients via market disruptive technologies combined with advanced licensing and implementation models (business-to-business), with rapid time-to-market. We own, license, and white label intellectual property in the form of software and hardware. We combine Web3 technologies and services to specifically solve the following problems for clients:

I) Hybrid cloud enablement of existing application infrastructure (Web3 Enterprise)

  • Supporting most all applications (legacy & web), data and media feeds
  • Migration delivery, security, and support
  • Single pane-of-glass (browser-based)
  • Zero programming integration
  • Legacy & cloud service level monitoring and support
  • Highly modular delivery of hybrid technologies, support platforms, services, and fees
  • Highly consumable, with minimal risk and minimal upfront investment

2. IT Risk Mitigation

BTO Group mitigates existing technology implementation hurdles (technical and business) by leveraging the most advanced Web3 cloud enabling products available to reduce or eliminate software coding, inflexible architecture, and costly integrations. In addition to mitigating the risks associated with technical design and architecture, product licensing and invoicing is 100% elastic (consumption-based, pay-as-you-go)—excluding consulting services. In addition to elastic invoicing, our service delivery options come in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) & Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). We deliver highly consumable and modular services to stakeholders with rapid time-to-market and maximum flexibility with as close to zero up-front investment as possible (OpEx versus CapEx).

3. Service Delivery (technology, services, and security)

Advanced Technology – Advanced Implementation – Advanced Security – Advanced Licensing

BTO Group provides highly secure and rapid time-to-market integration of Web3 enterprise services (legacy-to-cloud) application enablement; Web3 workspace (single-pane-of-glass), Web3 collaboration (cross-platform drag-and-drop-to-share common workspaces), chat, messaging boards, and sharing of objects and live applications in real-time. In addition to hybrid-cloud business process services and adoption of cloud services for production systems and workloads, data analytics and big data application enhancement are part of our baseline Web3enterprise software and services. A sampling of our currently supported Web3 application environments include outsourced healthcare services and integration; telemedicine; virtual health clinics; Health Level Seven (HL7-Web3 alternative); SCADA operations; distributed datacenter operations; point-of-sales systems monitoring, optimization and PCI compliance; secure ecommerce; third-party SLA monitoring; and extended enterprise analytics. BTO Group also offers the most advanced Web3 ecommerce server and Web3 application security functionality on the market (Armored Stack). We provide customized staff support and project-based consulting services, as well as installation, customization, and implementation services; and complete IT infrastructure design, support, and maintenance.

4. How are we different?

BTO Group removes risk and barriers to entry by providing the most granular capabilities and services available on the planet (on a consumption basis), to better align technology, services, and support to the lines-of-business. This approach provides organizations with the exact level of services required where and how these services are needed. In addition, our elastic consumption model mitigates upfront risk and costly investments, including the elimination of shelfware (large investments in technologies that go unused).

The result is a precise IT alignment of services, creating maximum efficiency,
and rapid time-to-market for the business.

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