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We are Enterprise Web 3.0

BTO Group is an advanced cloud solutions provider and software vendor (ISV) providing transformative, end-to-end, Enterprise Web 3.0 solutions.  As a solution provider and integrator, we specialize in optimizing the hybrid cloud presence of mid-size and large organizations, while helping to ensure that our clients can effectively manage these environments (legacy and cloud) with extremely low risk and cost.

BTO Group provides hybrid cloud business process services; and adoption of cloud services for production systems and workloads with big data application enhancement.

Our advanced technologies and services enable organizations to optimize and extend the corporate enterprise into the cloud by using highly advanced and flexible Web 3.0 software tools to extend, support, and secure legacy infrastructures and applications (with zero-programming). Our advanced Web 3.0 delivery platform is years ahead of the market and is currently utilized by the US Military and various Federal Agencies. It is now available for commercial use and can save organizations substantially on costly and inflexible integration projects.

Big data functionality is a critical aspect of our baseline Web3enterprise software and services suite, and is imperative for large organizations moving forward through the next five to seven years.

  • Technology and software may be installed as a service (PaaS)
  • Technology and software is also offered via SaaS
  • Modified End User License Agreements provide 100% elastic usage model
  • Software usage is consumption-based (pay-as-you-go)
  • Modular implementation and pricing
  • Mitigates capital investment and risk
  • OpEx versus CapEx
Question:   What happens when you combine the most advanced virtualization, support, and security technologies available across the globe with the most advanced delivery model ever created, then add the most aggressive licensing model ever offered in the history of modern IT?
Answer:  What you get is the most aggressive enterprise cloud technology and services company on the planet.
This is BTO Group.
Virtualizing any desktop and legacy application into web-based objects in seconds for enterprise remote access, collaboration, monitoring, information sharing, and analytics using just a web browser.
Data fusion for instant visualization, correlation, and analysis.

Specializing in Web 3.0 Enterprise Enablement for Operational Efficiency

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Our software, services and security capabilities can be rapidly implemented across back-end IT operations and front-end lines-of-business with maximum flexibility and minimal risk:
  • Web 3.0 for Zero-Coding Integration
  • Web 3.0 for Legacy Application Integration and Virtualization
  • Web 3.0 for Data Fusion and Visualization
  • Web 3.0 for Enterprise Collaboration
  • Web 3.0 for Reduced Time-to-Market
  • Web 3.0 for End-to-End Support
  • Web 3.0 for Open Enterprise Security
  • Aligns IT with the Business
  • Risk Mitigation: Zero to Minimal Risk for IT Personnel and Stakeholders
  • Three Pillars of Enterprise Web 3.0:   Content Delivery,  Support,  Security
  • Agility, Accessibility, and Adaptability are the key ingredients for an IT organization to keep the lights on.

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What is Enterprise Web 3.0?

Web3enterprise :

Web3workspace / Web3support / Web3security
Context: User-centric personalization, customizable UI, single-pane-of-glass functionality adapts all applications, information feeds, and data to the user.
Consumability: Exactly what you need and how you need it. The Web3 virtualization layer hides back-end complexities enabling rapid cloud enablement of existing infrastrucuture.
Semantic Web UI: The Web3 Enterprise provides a common platform that allows data to be shared and reused across applications, enterprise, and collaborative community boundaries–virtual and physical, including 3D Geo-Mapping.
Our award-winning products provide unprecedented shared situational awareness, operational intelligence, and visual collaboration to: Operations and Command Centers, Network Operation Centers, CyberSecurity Management, SCADA Monitoring Services, Service Operation Centers, TeleMedicine, 911 Fusion Center Management, Mission Teams, Watch Floors, First Responders, Situational Rooms, Digital Media Management, Analysts and Senior Leaders and much more.

BTO Group Solution Areas

  • Web3 Desktop Fusion (Analytics-as-a-Service) – Help Desk Efficiency
  • Web3 TELCO Customer Support
  • Web3 Service Uptime for Healthcare
  • Web3 AgilePOS (Point-of-Sales) Fusion Monitoring (APM/PCI/Internals) real-time monitoring (rapid resolution/root-cause analysis): Retailers/Travel/ Resort/Hotel
  • Web3 SLAmetrics (Real-Time Service Level Monitoring – Vetting Outsourced Services)
  • ArmoredStack
  • WordPressArmor
  • Web3securecommerce
  • CyberSecurityFusionCenter
  • Enterprise Compliance Monitoring
  • Habit ID (Active Authentication)
  • BTO Outbound Fraud Detection
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